Gwen Dodd Lee APN-C

  • Integrative Health Practitioner

  • Specializing in Internal Medicine and Medical Weight Loss

  • HCG Diet Expert

  • Board Certified in Adult Medicine

My passion for medical weight loss came from a personal struggle to lose weight and inability to do so with traditional diet and exercise.  This led me to research and educate myself regarding herbs, hormones, and vitamin therapies to lose weight and allowed me to successfully lose 110lbs and maintain my weight loss for over four years. 

I have helped hundreds of patients lose weight while feeling great and improving their health through my exclusive programs and supplements.  All my patients receive one on one counseling with me and support to assist them in their weight loss journey

There is no faster way to safely lose weight than with the guidance of a physician and /or nurse practitioner.In fact, average weight loss is about 20 pounds in 4 weeks. Amazing results like this come from you and your medical practitioner working one-on-one to create a plan that's medically tailored to your body. If you have tried other weight loss programs with little or no success, you know it can be a frustrating and disappointing process. Only your physician/ nurse practitioner can offer the latest proven medical weight loss options available to you. These options are safe and medically proven to be the most effective in your initial desire to lose weight and your long-term goal of maintaining these results.


Our staff is formally trained to understand the various weight loss options that are healthy for you based upon your personal goals, medical history, nutritional habits, and your metabolism. By understanding your needs from a medical and personal goal viewpoint your physician and/or nurse practitioner will create a customized, individualized program that will give you the results you expect without the need for special food supplements, pre-packaged meals, or other gimmicks that other non-physician plans offer.

Weight Loss Programs | Overview

Prescription Drug Program:

These programs involve the use of FDA-approved prescription diet pills to curb the appetite and jump start the weight loss process. The programs also include individualized counseling and exercise components.

HCG Diet Program:

HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is administered by either injection, sublingual tablets, or by crème to allow your hypothalamus to function at a higher capacity and access abnormal fat it usually cannot access during dieting. This glycoprotein allows you to burn between 2500-4000 calories per day with and intake of only 500 calories per day without hunger, loss of energy, or need for exercise. Patients lose 1-2lbs per day without hunger and HCG allows patients to lose more fat tissue directly causing visible contouring of the body while resetting the hypothalamus which implies long lasting results.

Low CalorieProgram:

There are several variations on this program; the standard program is based on the specific metabolism of the patient and is designed for rapid weight loss. Our physicians will determine the daily calorie allowance and provide patients with a customized meal plan. Not all patients medically qualify for this rapid weight loss program. At your initial consultation a physician and/or nurse practitioner will determine if you are a candidate for this program.

Modified Program:

This is a custom designed plan with many options. Based on a number of factors, patients and their physicians will decide on which modified program will fit their needs and how quickly patients want to reach their goals, and a program will then be designed specifically based on these needs. These include low Glycemic Index, High Protein, Anti-Inflammatory, Natural herbal and other metabolic rate weight loss programs. Adjusting Your Metabolic Rate One of the secrets to any weight loss attempt is boosting your metabolism. Starving yourself is not the answer. A combination of a healthy diet and basic life style changes will come together to help you achieve normal weight.

What Makes Us Different - Makes Us Unique!

In addition to our physician weight loss programs we offer total body solutions through our maintenance weight loss programs to keep the pounds off indefinitely and specialty services for cellulite, leg veins, and hormone replacement therapies. We teach you what you need to remain successful in your weight loss. We establish normal weights, periodic BMI and Metabolic Rate workups as well as teaching you nutrition to allow for the change of lifestyle you have just accomplished. Our dedicated staff is with you from beginning to end. Our cellulite therapies include the latest technologies to ensure that unwanted cellulite is eliminated or greatly reduced. These packages can be bundled with your weight loss packages and will help you redefine and sculpt your body to your satisfaction and expectations. By providing a medical weight loss program and by utilizing and packaging technology we are different - This is what makes us unique and for you to experience the “New You”.

Our commitment to you is to provide a safe, medically approved weight loss program that is individualized to your specific needs and expectations. We believe that even after achieving the initial weight loss, the process is ongoing and maintaining your weight and health is imperative to our success in treating your weight condition. The journey to a “New You” starts here and in many cases demand a change in lifestyles and behavioral habits. We continually educate you concerning these lifestyle changes from a nutritional and medical standpoint allowing you to feel “good” about yourself again “inside and out”.