Medically Supervised Weight Loss

Doctor or nurse practitioner guided weight loss is one of the fastest ways to effectively lose weight, with an average of about 20 pounds in a initial four week period. Amazing results come from you and your Skinny by Gwen medical practitioner working together to create a plan that's tailored to your body.

Many of us have tried weight loss programs with little to no success - it can be a frustrating and disappointing process, and often only compound your negativity on the subject. Your physician or nurse practitioner are the only ones your should trust to offer you the latest and best medical weight loss options available to you. Ensure these options are safe and medically proven to be effective as well as achieve your desire to lose weight and your long-term goals of keeping the pounds off.

Our formally trained professionals have a strong understanding of the many weight loss options - what's healthy and what's not based upon your personal goals, medical history, nutritional habits, and your metabolism. We understand your needs from a medical perspective and apply that insight to your personal goals to create a customized, individual program that helps to achieve the results you expect without the need for special supplements, meals that are pre-packaged, or any other commercial gimmicks that other plans offer.

Overview of Weight Loss Programs Offered

Prescription Diet Program

These programs involve using prescription diet pills approved by the FDAto bring down your appetite and jump start the process of weight-loss; individualized counseling and exercise components are also included in these programs.

Low Caloric Program:

There are several variations on this program; the standard program is based on the specific metabolism of the patient and is designed for rapid weight loss. Our physicians will determine the daily calorie allowance and provide patients with a customized meal plan. Not all patients medically qualify for this rapid weight loss program. At your initial consultation a physician and/or nurse practitioner will determine if you are a candidate for this program.

Modified DIET Program:

This is a custom designed plan is based on a number of factors. Patients work with their physicians to decide which modified program best fits their needs and what a realistic time-frame is to reach their goals. From this plan a program is designed specific to these particular criteria. Programs include - Low Glycemic Index, High Protein, Anti-Inflammatory, and Natural Herbal and Metabolic Rate Adjustment. Starving yourself is never the answer; the right mix of a healthy diet and basic lifestyle changes can come together as a powerful tool to achieving your normal weight.